We shape concrete designs

We apply vast experience in the design and manufacture of concrete moulds and shutters to transform any concrete design into reality.

We shape concrete designs

We apply vast experience in the design and manufacture of concrete moulds and shutters to transform any concrete design into reality.

Staluform specialises in formwork manufacturing

Staluform, a company specialising in formwork manufacturing, was established in 1979. We have earned the trust and loyalty of our customers over the years by providing a range of goods and services, from large “one off” special products to high volumes of standard formwork and scaffolding.

We work with our customers to provide them with the optimum formwork solution that offers flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our diverse manufacturing capability allows us to offer general steel solutions as well. Our customer base includes all the leading formwork and construction companies locally. We have also supplied formwork to a number of countries in Africa and Europe.

We adhere to a strict code of quality and after sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Civil Formwork

With our design expertise in the various components of civil structure design, we cater for all civil formwork needs. Bridges are one of the most concrete intensive structures in the civil formwork sphere. Staluform offers solutions for every concrete item on a bridge, and these can be provided either as in-situ shutters or pre-cast shutters, depending on the specific need of our client. The same can be said for water treatment plants.


Building Formwork

Buildings consist of many concrete elements. Vertical elements include walls and columns, whereas horizontal elements include decks and beams. Vertical elements are often utilised to not only provide structural support, but also to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a building. Shutter quality and finish is thus a very important factor when designing and manufacturing these shutters



Standard Systems

Our standard product ranges focus on industry tried-and-tested methods which have been used with success for many years in South Africa and Africa.  We are proud to introduce our newly developed European Standard 30kN props which will complement our current standard systems.


Special Formwork

Special formwork has many functions and are usually application specific. These shutters are custom designed, based on the concrete design and customer specification.


General Construction & Safety

Construction sites are busy and are generally considered to be an unsafe environment.  With our range of material handling and safety products we aim to mitigate the risk and provide cost effective solutions for our clients.  We also cater for custom designed products that fulfil a customer specific need.



Menlyn Mall Extension

The current Menlyn Park Mall in Pretoria was extended in 2016/2017 by 50 000 m2 to make it the biggest mall in Africa.  Staluform is proud to be associated with this project, and has provided much of the standard and special shutters that this immense project required.  The façade columns in the atrium was specifically designed and manufactured for the project.

Staluform Cape Town International Airport Project Gallery

Cape Town International Airport

The design of the new Cape Town International specified large double volume areas with a roadway on top of large columns.  We are especially proud of the Y-columns at the entrance to the airport.

Staluform FNB Soccer City Stadium Project

FNB Soccer City Stadium

The Soccer City Project, which was part of the World Cup 2010 campaign, offered a good opportunity for us to demonstrate our skills. We manufactured all the facade column boxes and supporting structures on the outer ring of the stadium.

Staluform Polokwane Stadium Project

Polokwane Stadium Project

The Polokwane Stadium was part of the World Cup 2010 campaign of projects. Staluform had the privilege of supplying the formwork for all the raker beams and seating moulds for the project.